Safety First!

Safety first mentality integrated into every aspect of Fagen, Inc.

At Fagen, Inc., we put safety first in every decision we make and every activity we perform. By our own behavior the standard for safe work habits is established. Fagen, Inc. insists on total commitment to an uncompromising safety environment from each employee. We believe that zero recordable injuries is an attainable goal and strive to achieve that to the end. We insist on a total commitment to an uncompromising safety environment from each employee. To aid our employees in creating that safety environment, the Fagen, Inc. Safety and Health Procedures manual is available to set the standard for safety excellence.

Fagen, Inc. does not tolerate drug use. All job sites have mandatory drug testing.

Fagen, Inc. is committed to safety and views our employees as our most valuable resource. Our goal is to provide an accident/injury free environment. With a commitment from management, supervision and field employees, we as a team will achieve our safety goal.

Fagen, Inc. believes nothing is more important than safety. The following are strategies we use on our projects to communicate, train and educate all employees on our Occupational Health and Safety Policies.

  • Daily safety training meetings every morning.

  • On a bi-weekly basis a safety director or an employee conducts a safety demonstration on various types of equipment and tools.

  • Safety Directors conduct daily safety audits for all crafts and subcontractors on-site.

  • A detailed safety orientation, in addition to the client's safety orientation, is conducted for everyone on-site prior to any work beginning.

  • Designated corporate equipment trainer. Training includes classroom training, written exam, and proficiency test.

  • Detailed supervisor/foreman safety orientation.

  • Safety Committee conducts a weekly walk through.

  • Field Management Staff hold management meetings at least four times a week.

  • Weekly safety newsletter.

  • Annual training for all crafts.

  • Job Safety Task Analysis (JSTA) to identify any hazards before starting work tasks.

A word from the Fagen, Inc. Corporate Safety Director

At Fagen, Inc., we believe teamwork is the key to achieving optimum safety. All Fagen, Inc. management, from the Project Manager to the laborer, are responsible for maintaining a safe workplace. We will continue to make it our company mission to ensure this happens.

Mark Neu
Corporate Safety Director


Safety Stats

2020 - 1.49
2019 - 2.85
2018 - 2.16
2020 - 0.44
2019 - 0.24
2018 - .24
2020 - 0.75
2019 - 0.66
2018 - 0.65
2020 - 2.2 Million
2019 - 2.4 Million
2018 - 1.6 Million